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Into the Daily Planet

Into the Daily Planet.

Trapped citizen

A trapped citizen.

Gemstone safe 2

A safe.

Message in a Bottle first battle

A player fighting a group of Brainiac's robots.

Mechabyte approaches

A giant and unsurprisingly unfriendly robot.

Mechabyte and Repairbots

The battle against the Mechabyte and the pesky repairbots.

Teleporter Rift

Jump in, what could possibly go wrong?

Message in a Bottle is a level 30 meta hero mission the player could start once JLA in Trouble? is started. Doing so completes the latter.

The moment Brainiac bottled the Daily Planet, Superman teleported in to save Lois Lane. However, communications are lost, and Supergirl is very worried about her cousin, so she sends a new hero after him.

Enter the Daily Planet and track down Superman.


  • Discover Superman's Teleport Location in the The[sic] Daily Planet


Talking to Supergirl again reveals Oracle set up a teleporter aimed at the bottle. It is found at the west end of the Meta Wing. Use the teleporter to enter the Daily Planet Building.

"This is Superman! Oracle, can you hear me!? I'm trying to get everyone to the teleport site but Lex Luthor is - [sounds of fighting] what are you doing, you madman?! No! You fool, you'll leave all these people trapped - [mechanical teleport noise, fades out]" — Superman
"What just happened?! Ok, good news, we can get a teleporter working out of here, but bad news - Where did Lex Luthor teleport Superman?! Get to the teleport site so I can find out where he's gone!" — Oracle

In the first occupied room, there are several minions of Brainiac, including Brainiac Subjugator MK-IVs and Brainiac Destrobits. They should be fairly easy. An explosive barrel is on the left right before the stairs down. After defeating them, the player could free the trapped Meta-Powered Student.

Two Brainiac Spark MK-II patrols the corridor. They are annoying with their frequent knockbacks, but should be no problem as long as the player don't go into the robot-packed next room at the moment.

The next room is literally filled with guards, so kill them off one by one at the edge of the corridor. This way, even as the last of them swarm up, it is quite easy. Keep some soder cola handy just in case, there are two destrobits hiding behind low walls.

After defeating another Spark, the player finds Lois Lane and a non-interactive Jimmy Olsen. When talked to, the former says she saw Luthor sending Superman through a teleporter.

"You're closing in on the site. I'm reading residual energy, I can send you wherever Luthor sent Superman. Except, and this is probably not news, Brainiac's forces seem to really want to keep you here..." — Oracle

To the left of Jimmy is a safe containing some cash and possibly Giant Gemstones which is ironically Vendor Junk.

The Mechabyte resides in the next chamber. It is not extremely difficult by itself, with fairly low health for a high level mission boss, and only hits up to 200s which could be dodged. However, once sufficiently damaged, it summons Brainiac Repairbots, and more as its health reaches critical. While players should have a much larger damage input then the healing of the repairbots, they are annoying as they keep flying in front of the Mechabyte causing the player to hit them instead. Hit Tab at the start of the battle to lock on the Mechabyte to prevent that. The Mechabyte also seems to have a rarely used special attack that could drain most of the player's power almost instantly.

Once the Mechabyte is defeated, the mission turns into Superman's Doom.