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Mentors are members of Sentinels of Magic. They monitor Apprentices. The Mentors are Homo Magi and they appear in the Chinatown district of city of Metropolis. Armed with wands, they are of magic origin with the power set in Sorcery.


The Mentors are stationed near the Shen Li Po Gardens during the Fateful Demise mission. They are tasked by Doctor Fate to supervise Apprentices casting protective wards, while Cultist Sever hires villains to defeat Mentors and curse them in School for Scandal side mission.


Once the villain player is in range of a Mentor, they start approaching while making range attacks. They make three types of range attacks alternating between them. They most often shoot quick spells dealing medium damage (usually 13-14 hp) once and lower damage (usually 6 hp) several times, or they sometimes cast a magical energy forming a line between them and the player dealing medium damage (usually 9 hp) multiple times for several seconds, or they most rarely make a single charged spell attack dealing higher damage (usually 40 hp).

Once they approach the player in melee range, they start making melee spell attacks. Some of them sometimes repeat the mechanics of range attacks, but more often than not, they make one of three combo strikes. Either they make four-five hits each dealing medium damage (usually 11 hp), or two hits (usually 21-22 hp each), or most rarely two-three hits of highest damage (usually two of them deal 20-25 hp, while the third one deals 25-40 hp).

The Sentinel Mentor - School for Scandal

Cursed Mentor

Mentors are usually surrounded by one or two apprentices. It's recommended to take out the Mentors first as they deal the most damage. Since they don't have any special abilities, it's quite straightforward, but to minimize the damage it's preferable to attack them from range or constantly stun them, as they themselves deal less damage with range attacks. Furthermore, villain players who have accepted School for Scandal side mission can interact with unconscious Mentors cursing them. The Cursed Mentors will aid the villains fighting the Apprentices.


"I will not share my knowledge with such weaklings! Die!" — Cursed Mentor to Apprentices
"Fools! This world will suffer you no longer!" — Cursed Mentor to Apprentices
"You're not worthy of my knowledge! I'll kill you all!" — Cursed Mentor to Apprentices
"Wretched peasants! I'll show you real power!" — Cursed Mentor to Apprentices