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Selecting a Mentor in DC Universe Online doesn't just determine your starting area, it also determines the quest lines you follow throughout the game. Before the revamp and adjustment of all missions each Mentor provided a mission at level 1, level 15, and level 30 for their Heroes or Villains. The only way to access some of these Secret Bases from a mission from a mentor other than your own is to join a team with someone who has access and let them enter the instance first, although some are available as On Duty instances to all players.

Hero Mentors[]

Meta (Superman)[]

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Tech (Batman)[]

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Magic (Wonder Woman)[]

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Villain Mentors[]

Meta (Lex Luthor)[]

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  • At level 15, Lex Luthor provides his Villains with a new quest to steal exobytes research from the Old Star Labs installations, in two instances where you fight Steel and Superman himself.

Tech (The Joker)[]

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Magic (Circe)[]

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