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Marks of Conquest are a form of Currency awarded to players for completing Arena PvP and Legends PvP. They are used to obtain PvP Iconic battle suits and various PvP items, weapons, and gear.

As of Update 4, Marks of Conquest replaced the Marks of Victory.

As of Update 14, Marks of Conquest have now been replaced by Marks of Tactics.


Players receive Marks of Conquest upon completing an Arena PvP or Legends PvP match. Players are awarded 2 marks for a win, and 1 mark for a loss.


Marks of Conquest are used to either purchase Tier 2 PvP weapons in the Core Reactor area of Watchtower's Meta Wing or Hall of Doom's Meta Wing, or PvP Armor from Requisitions-T2H (Heroes) or Requisitions-T2V (Villains).

Available Gear[]

Various gear can be purchased for different amounts of Marks, as follows:

No. of Marks Gear Slot
25 Ring
30 Neck
45 Trinket
50 Boots, Gloves, Belt
60 Back
65 Shoulders
80 Head


Chest, Legs

120 Weapon