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Not to be confused with the Mini-Map.
Map icon

The map interface.

The Map is accessible by clicking "M". It shows the whole region the player is in, be it Metropolis or the Watchtower.

Game world edge

A player standing at the edge of the Metropolis map.


Buoys mark the edge of the map in water.

Land north of Metropolis

The unknown landmass north of Metropolis.

A pulsing green triangle (Player icon) marks the player, and is in the center by default unless, of course, the player scrolls the map. House icons (Safe house icon) on the map marks Safe Houses. Orange dots marks rally locations (Rally icon). White dots marks other important locations (Point of interest icon), like the Metropolis University. Teleporters also have their own icon (Teleporter icon). The player could click those icons, collectively known as "Points of interest", to mark them and a green arrow would point towards it on the Mini-Map. Players could also set custom targets by right clicking anywhere on the map, and remove it by right clicking anywhere.

Orange areas mark mission areas.

For Metropolis, Gotham City, and most "open world" zones, at the edges of the map are invisible barriers that cannot be passed by walking, swimming or flying. They mark the end of the game world.

For the Hall of Doom and the Watchtower, the bases' walls prevent the players from leaving except with the use of teleporters.

Warp Menu[]

On the top left corner of the map interface is the Warp Menu offering teleports to:

All of them have a cooldown of 30 seconds (starts at beginning, not when you arrive), except Rally which is 2 minutes. These options cannot be used in combat.


The Phase feature allows players to choose between multiple copies of the same instanced area, while displaying the amount of players in each phase, allowing them to go to a phase with more players or less if they desired.


  • You can mark a point of interest (or any point on the map by double clicking) which marks it on the minimap as well to guide you to that location. This is accompanied by a distance figure that is without any unit. However, Dakota City features an American football field; it can be seen here that 100 units is the same as the length of the field, which is 100 yards (91.44 meters). This also allows for a measurement of the Supersonic speed for Flight, which is only about 30 meters per second, about 10% that of the speed of sound in real life.
  • Previously, Warp Rally could only be used every five minutes, Warp to event location 10 minutes, Warp HQ has a cooldown of 1 hour (later 10 minutes), and Warp Base, 30 minutes (later 5 minutes).
  • Buildings beyond the invisible walls around some maps (e.g. Doomed Metropolis) can be interacted with via Acrobatics' Grappling Line, pulling you towards the building; if you hold down X (console) or Space (PC), your character can be suspended in mid-air next to the invisible wall trying to grapple to the building.
  • Titans Dock must first be warped to, and then after an introduction Titans Island is unlocked during the event version of Teen Titans: The Judas Contract. However, its warp cooldown is 15 minutes instead of 10.