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Before the Green Lantern Corps was created, the Guardians of the Universe created the robotic race of lifeforms known as the Manhunters, believing the universe could only be policed by beings that did not act based on emotional response.

Due to a programming glitch brought on by Krona, the Manhunters were responsible for the slaughter of almost all life in sector 666 of space. The Guardians sought to shut down all functioning Manhunters, however, many escaped to different corners of the universe to continue and act on their own programmed ideals of how to uphold justice in the universe.


  • The Trinket Manhunter Circuitry turns players into Manhunters for a set period of time.
  • They are henchmen in STAR labs and Oan sciencecells.


  • A wounded Green Lantern will ask you to locate Sinestro Corps rings, by using a containment device scrounged from a nearby deactivated Manhunter .
  • When you enter Metropolis City Hall to aid the Green Lantern Corps in their battle with the Sinestro Corps, the player will face off against a Manhunter acting as a mini-boss before they reach the final showdown between Sinestro and John Stewart.


  • In the Will versus Fear PvP event, villains must gather lanterns around a fallen Manhunter in order to revive him before the heroes revive an Alpha Lantern across the street.
    • Following this event a Manhunter will be accompanying a Sinestro Corps vendor, who sells epic weaponry, if the villains win. The Manhunter will knock-back any hero player who approaches the vendor.
  • A fallen Manhunter will ask you to locate Green Lantern rings from fallen Green Lanterns and bring them to him for destruction.
  • When Sinestro is captured by the JSA and held captive at their headquarters in Metropolis, you are tasked with releasing members of the Sinestro Corps who have been detained by Green Lanterns. On the rooftops are two broken Manhunter units you must repair by first locating their missing parts and then repairing said Manhunters.




  • Manhunter (Unit)
  • Manhunter (Bouncer)
  • Manhunter (Fear vs. Will)
  • Manhunter Clasher
  • Manhunter Elite

Affiliated Allies




  • During their tenor as the law enforcement force of the galaxy, Manhunters were armed with stun-guns that drew their energy from a hand-held power battery. These guns were precursors to the Green Lantern Power Ring technology.


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