Talk Screen - T.O. Morrow
"Just as we're getting somewhere, some do-gooder from Gotham City has to interfere. Go to Arkham Asylum and make certain that whichever Gotham City Hero has entered the asylum is unable to pacify Mister Freeze, Scarecrow and Poison Ivy." — T.O. Morrow

Make Them Mad is a solo mission which can be unlocked by doing five of the daily missions for villains in the Divide and Conquer set. It requires Home Turf episode content and a combat rating of 70+.


The tension between Poison Ivy, Mister Freeze, and Scarecrow is on the rise. This open hostility is exactly what T.O. Morrow needs. But there is a problem: a hero from Gotham City was seen entering Arkham Asylum. Whoever it is cannot be allowed to pacify them!



* Random boss




  • Corner of Gotham and Vine: Wrap up each of the Gotham Heroes in Quick-Growing Vines inside the Arkham Asylum solo instance (10 points)
  • Madness Maxed: Complete the Make Them Mad mission on Arkham Island 10 times (10 points)


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