Sergeant Clifford Zmeck, the second test subject in the U.S. government's "Captain Atom Project", had received a life sentence for murder when he was selected to receive a double coating of alien alloy and stand at ground zero during an H-bomb explosion. Zmeck shot into the quantum field at the instant of detonation. When he emerged, decades had passed and he had gained superhuman powers. General Wade Eiling took command of Zmeck, naming him Major Force and laser-etching a "costume" onto his metallic shell. Major Force was assigned to shadowy government bureaus such as the Quorum. He has been killed and resurrected many times.

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  • New players can select a pre-made character template inspired by Major Force.
  • Major Force is the final boss in the Artifacts mission player characters automatically get at level 20.
  • On mission as a member of the Suicide Squad, Major Force was sent by Amanda Waller to obtain samples from the Chemoid monsters that are roaming Bludhaven after the Secret Society of Super-Villains dropped Chemo onto the city, effectively leaving Bludhaven in ruins and littered with radioactive waste. Major Force acts as a mini-boss during this alert.
  • Major Force is one of the holographic projections during the Titans Training Sim.


Major Force is relatively easy to defeat. His normal attacks only hit about 150 and his health is not too high. However, he could also generate a purple forcefield around himself, which caps all damage done to him at 1 and hits rapid 300s on any player inside.


  • Major Force first appeared in Captain Atom #12 (February 1988).
  • Major Force is voiced by Alexander Brandon.
  • Major Force is responsible for the murder of Alexandra DeWitt; then girlfriend of Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner), and the attempted murder of Arisia Rrab.
  • Major Force's "skin" is composed of a metallic alien alloy known as "Dilustel". This alloy has been used throughout Project Atom's many experiments, with other subjects like Captain Atom and Bombshell also possessing skin made up of the metal.
  • Major Force was released before the Quantum power.


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