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The Mainframe is a Lair or Hideout's central computer system that provides the player with access to features like Backup, Sidekicks, Orbital Strikes, Supply Drops and Equipment Mods which can be used in combat.

The power and strength of these items can be increased via upgrades in the Mainframe while the duration that the player has access to these amenities is altered depending on the power available in the Generator.

Mainframes will adapt visually to the theme of the base.

Mainframe Upgrades[]

Purchasing Mainframe Upgrades determine which items your Dispenser contains and how effective those items are. Mainframe Upgrades are purchased using Marks of Triumph. There are five types of items available from the Dispenser : Orbital Strike (an immediate-damage offensive item), Supply Drop (a useable item that produces different local effects), Sidekicks (an item that summons a single accomplice to assist in battle), Back Up (an item that summons multiple henchmen with a shorter duration period for use in larger fights), and Tactical Mods (which are special modifications that can be added to Weapons and Back, Neck, Foot, Hands, and Chest equipment).

Levels / Boost Dispenser Item Actions
1, 2 / Boost Orbital Strike Dispenses an Orbital Strike Item.
1, 2 / Boost Sidekicks and Accomplices Dispenses a Sidekick Item.
1, 2 / Boost Backup and Henchmen Dispenses a Backup Item.
1, 2 / Boost Supply Drop Dispenses a Supply Drop Item.
1, 2 / Boost Tactical Mods Dispenses Tactical Mod Items.

All of the Dispenser Items (with the exception of the Tactical Mods) are equipable in the Trinket Slot and used in the same manner. Tactical Mods are applied to their respective Item slots in the same manner that other Mods are used. Each level of Dispenser Item purchased requires that you have one Active Cell in your Generator: so to purchase the Supply Drop II, you need to have a minimum of two Active Cells. You can have as many Dispenser Items as you would like per Generator Level : if you have two Active Cells, you can buy Supply Drop I and II, Orbital Strike I and II, Sidekicks I and II, etc.

The first and second Mainframe Upgrade in each category are permanent : the boost is temporary and expires after approximately 60 days time, after which time you can purchase the bonus in that category again.

Power Level[]

Generator - Power Level Tab

The power levels of the Mainframe are represented by three different power cells which must be kept charged by the player. One charge lasts approximately 30 days.

If the cells run out of power, the player's dispenser items will stop working.

Name Charge Cost Dispenser Level
Lithium Cell $1250 Access Level 1
Ionic Cell $1500 Access Level 2
Hydrogen Cell $1750 Access Level 3

The power level maintenance can also be accessed through the base's Generator.



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