City Zones (Open World Locations)Edit

DC Universe Online features two expansive city locations that serve as the game's open-world. The cities are split up into different districts or boroughs with various "dungeon areas" accessible from there.
Players that choose The Joker or Batman as their mentor will be sent to Gotham City after they complete the Brainiac Harvester Ship introductory level, and Players that choose Superman, Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman or Circe will be sent to Metropolis. Players are free to traverse between the two cities at any level.

Following this, there exists various, smaller, hubs that become available to the player depending on their Combat Rating and episodes they have bought.

Headquarters (Player Hubs/Lounges/Housing)Edit

Player Hubs are locations that serve as a bases for each morality. Vendors, Banks, Training Dummies, Teleporters to Nightclubs/Police Stations and Re-Spec Devices are all examples of useful tools you can find in these hubs, Players will also encounter many Iconic Heroes and Villains.

Operation Zones (Multi-Instance 8-Player Group Instances)Edit

Raid Zones (8-Player Group Instances)Edit

Raid Zones are instanced locations where 8 players come together to take on the challenges of the raid. Raids yield powerful equipment and rare marks but have a very high difficulty.

Alert Zones (4-Player Group Instances)Edit

Alerts are instances in which 4 players join in a group and progress through the locations for loot, experience, or marks. Players may access Hard Mode alerts once they reach Level 30. Hard Mode Alerts have a higher difficulty than Normal mode alerts and reward Players with Marks.

Duo Instances (2-Player Instances)Edit

Police Station Shady Nightclub Port of Paradise Supply Lines

Solo Instances (1-Player Instances)Edit

PvP ArenasEdit

PvP Arenas are instanced locations that are used a battlefield for PvP, where players aim to collect experience and marks. PvP Arenas have an objective that the teams will fight over, the team that reaches the ultimate goal or objective of the PvP Arena will win the match.


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