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The mail interface.

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Mailboxes are computer kiosks available for both Hero and Villain players. Found either in various Safe Houses or the player hubs, JLA Watchtower or Hall of Doom, the mailboxes are where the player can be contacted by iconic characters or mentors through email. Usually a player will receive an email upon the completion of a mission, race, or an investigation and shall receive an item attached to said email.

The mail terminals on the Watchtower were found on the east and west sides of the main wing, but after an update, both mailboxes and brokers have been moved to banks apparently for convenience.

Mailboxes are also available as base amenity.


Mail can be sent to any player of the same faction including different chracters on the same player account.

Received mail will reside in the mailbox for 30 days unless it gets archived. After that and if still unread it will be returned to the sender.

A maximum of 100 mails can be archived.

Cash as well as up to 5 items can be attached to any mail. Items being sent must be tradable.


  • The ability to mail cash between characters was "temporarily" removed from the game in 2019 in response to an exploit and as of early 2023 not been re-enabled.