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The MPD Squad Car of the Metropolis Police Department is the classic patrol car used by MPD Officers on the clock.

Thanks to a generous budget and contributions from institutions such as S.T.A.R. Labs, the Metropolis Police Department possesses the latest and greatest equipment available for law enforcement.



  • When designing the Squad Car, Chuck Dee reasoned that, "I wanted it to still feel like the 1950's/1960's idyllic America... the cars all have Art Deco shapes and moldings, and look like they are made out of pure steel... heavy as hell, but still with elegant 'lines' ...basically, Metropolis has money to spare, so they can afford 'pretty' cars for their cops."
  • When uniformed police offers communicate over police band radios, there are many codes and abbreviations used to describe a situation. Codes may vary by jurisdiction, but some basics remain the same; 10-4 means "Okay", 10-20 gives a location, 10-24 means "emergency at station-all units returns", 10-108 means "officer down" or "officer needs assistance", 100 means a "hit and run", 148 is for "resisting arrest", 187 is a "homicide", 13 is for "major disaster activation", and 13, 77 CAPES means "metahuman altercation in densely populated civilian area, call for immediate evacuation".