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Lunar Exobyte Clusters is a collection of investigations that can be found in the alert H.I.V.E. Moon Base. There are 6 parts that comprise this set and in contrast to most other investigations those can have multiple locations.


In the airless vacuum of Earth's Moon, numerous Exobyte specimens hover, ripe for the taking.


Part 1: Shattered Metahuman Exobyte[]

Possible Location

Part 2: Exposed Flight Exobyte[]

Possible Location

Part 3: Cracked Acrobat Exobyte[]

Possible Location
  • Zone: H.I.V.E. Moon Base
  • Region: At the southeast pillar of the Harvester, at gound level near some ore.
  • Instance: H.I.V.E. Moon Base
  • Location: Various
  • Investigation: Announcer: " ... "

Part 4: Splintered Technology Exobyte[]

Possible Location

Part 5: Leaking Speedster Exobyte[]

Possible Location

Part 6: Ruptured Magic Exobyte[]

Possible Location


Mail Messages[]

Upon completion of this collection players receive a message from Martian Manhunter or Calculator, accessible from any Mail Terminal.


float:left From: Martian Manhunter Subject: Brave New World
"It's critically important that we understand these Exobytes you've gathered from the Moon. these lunar samples will prove invaluable in understanding not only your own powers, but the potential of those powers as well."
Attachment: Grooved Miner's Shoulders


float:left From: Calculator Subject: Grade A Material
"Pure, unadulterated Exobytes gathered... from the Moon! That's quite a find. My contact list runneth over with people that will want to get their hands on these. Here's to an open market!"
Attachment: Grooved Miner's Shoulders


Icon Shoulders 005 Green

This investigation rewards the player with the Grooved Miner's Shoulders item (style: Jah Kir).




  • The nodes of this investigation have multiple spots, meaning maps for it may differ.