Lucius Fox is the current business manager and corporate executive of Wayne Enterprises.
A close friend and confidante to Bruce Wayne, with whom Fox frequently acts as financial liaison, Fox's actions are, albeit indirectly and unknowingly, responsible for many of the resources that go towards the development of the Batman's gadgetry and crime-fighting equipment.


Graduating magna cum laude from the Morton School of Business, Lucius first took a position as Vice President of Atwater Air and in just a few years turned the near-bankrupt commuter air service into a leading competitor and was made CEO of the company while avoiding the massive layoffs endorsed by every business pundit of the time. After that Fox was sought after by several large corporations in the world for his "midas touch" in turning failing businesses into successful conglomerates.

Eventually working for Pontefract Industries, Bruce Wayne managed to entice him into coming to Gotham to run WayneTech after Wayne had returned home to discover his father's company, Wayne Enterprises, being mismanaged by corruption within the board of directors.
With Wayne's subtle manipulations, Fox worked his way up from being head of WayneTech's Aerospace division to first running the Wayne Foundation and then Wayne Enterprises itself. As president, Fox returned Wayne Enterprises to its former glory and elected to stay, having been given an unparalleled freedom in the company after Wayne, who was spending more and more time operating as the Batman, handed the reigns of the company over to him.

Bringing even more wealth and resources to the company by going global, Fox has survived multiple kidnappings and a stroke to constantly spring back into his role as the CEO of Wayne Enterprises.



  • Lucius Fox first appeared in Batman #307 (January 1979).
  • Lucius Fox is voiced by Leif Anders.
  • Lucius is married to Tanya Fox and has four children; Tiffany, Tim, Tamara and Luke. He named Tamara after his idol, Thomas Wayne.
  • Wayne and Fox first met when Fox was rescued from muggers while in Paris by a teenage Bruce Wayne. Afterwards, Fox put forth the notion of using Wayne's wealth for a charitable foundation but Wayne turned down the offer, intent instead on pursuing his "mission".
  • Fox was head of WayneTech's Aerospace division when Bruce Wayne first began "acquiring" model prototypes to build what would become the first Batwing.
  • Wayne's further acquirement of other prototypes have sometimes aroused Fox's suspicion as to who Wayne really is behind the "bored playboy" persona.

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