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Love is a Battlefield is a repeatable mission available during the 2011 Valentine's Day Event, within the instanced zone Aphrodite's Realm. Upon logging into the game after the event's start, heroes will find the first mission in this chain, Booster's Burden, listed in their Journal.


The goddess Aphrodite finds herself wondering which is stronger, the devotion embodied by Wonder Woman or the scorn embraced by Circe. She has designed a series of tests to help her determine this, and the goddess' agents seek willing participants within Aphrodite's Realm; the Aspect of Devotion seeks to sway the hearts of Fickle Valentines, and needs help in gathering them from the Imps that embody scorn.


"Fill unsuspecting Valentines with Devotion in the name of love."


  • Pierce the hearts of unsuspecting Fickle Valentines with love's arrow to lure them to Aprodite's Aspect of Devotion
    • Lure Fickle Valentines to Aspect of Devotion (0/15)
  • Prevent Enemy Imps from Influencing Fickle Valentines
    • Fend Off Opposing Imps (0/10)
  • Speak to Aspect of Devotion