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Lion-Mane is a lion-like creature who is one of the Cat Avatars.


In the Pre-Crisis comics, Lion-Mane is actually Ed Dawson who was an archaeologist and lion hunter. He ended up touching a mystical meteor called Mithra which transformed him into a werelion called Lion-Mane and ended up fighting Hawkman. When Hawkman smashed Mithra, Lion-Man regressed back to Ed Dawson. When Ed Dawson discovered another Mithra meteor in a museum, he turned into Lion-Mane again and started to go after every Mithra meteor fragments to increase his powers. Hawkman and Hawkgirl managed to track down Lion-Mane and smashed the Mithra meteors regressing Lion-Mane back to Ed Dawson. Ed Dawson later visited the museum where Hawkman in his civilian identity worked. While visiting the museum, Ed was kidnapped by Coral Shilak's henchmen, dragged to the basement, and forcefully touched the Mithra meteor fragments once again transforming Ed Dawson into Lion-Mane. Lion-Mane managed to kill Coral Shilak's henchmen. Before he can kill Coral Shilak, Hawkman and Hawkgirl heard his screams and rushed to the scene of the attack. After a fight with Hawkman and Hawkgirl, Lion-Mane leaves in order to remake the world into his own image. When Lion-Mane's power started to grow, his power started to turn some people in the radius of him into Lion People. Hawkgirl tried to fight him but her efforts were useless. In her last result, she grabbed him and flew high up. The cold at that height turned Lion-Mane back to Ed Dawson. Ed was then carried away to a hospital after that.

In the Post-Crisis comics, Ed Dawson was an archaeologist who was looking for the Mithra Stone with Karen Ramis. Although Karen was the first person to turn into Lion-Mane, Ed Dawson later broke into the Mount St. Croix lab where the meteor was and it transformed him into Lion-Mane. Karen touched the meteor taking half of it's power enough for Ed Dawson to be apprehended. Sometime later, Fadeaway Man approached Lion-Mane and invited him into joining up with the other Hawkman villains into attacking Hawkman. Even though the group managed to defeat Hawkman, Lion-Mane received his payment from Fadeaway Man and a vacation to Africa. After Hawkman made a full recovery, he went to Africa where he tracked down Lion-Mane and interrogated him to know the wherabouts of Fadeaway Man.

Combat Statistics[]

  • Lion-Mane (Gotham University Warehouse)





  • In the Earth-Two reality, there was a thug named Lion-Mane who was a henchmen of the Earth-Two version of Catwoman.

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