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Lion is a Skin Style bestowed upon the Player Character by Future Lex Luthor's Exobytes. The skin is that of an anthropomorphic lion; an animal that is strong in both strength and presence.

The skin is based on the nature of the super villain Cheetah, who was bestowed with the totem powers of an animal to act as a cultural guardian and servant to an archaic god. As such she was gifted with the ability to transform between human and an anthropomorphic animal form that possessed enhanced abilities in strength, speed and cunning.
That is, however, not the only example of human-animal hybrids that exist in the DC Universe. Other beings exist due to the result of gene-splicing conducted by less then ethical genetic scientists; such as Dr. Emile Dorian, who sought to create humanoid-cat hybrids due to his belief in the superiority of cats.


Pieces Obtainment
[[]] Doctor Dean (Villains)
Researcher Quinn (Heroes)


  • Thanks to the Exobyte research done separately by S.T.A.R. Labs and LexCorp, Player Characters are able to manipulate their Exobyte-given appearance, should they wish to change the appearance of their "skins", simply by seeking out either Doctor Dean at Ace Chemicals or Researcher Quinn at the S.T.A.R. Labs Research Facility to obtain new "skin styles".
  • A precursor to Project CADMUS, Project Moreau was a secret scientific research firm (possibly related to the wartime Project M) that was active during the 1940s. Specializing in genetic research, one of their scientists, Dr. Michael Grant, was responsible for conducting experiments that evolved normal animals into anthropomorphic "higher-order" life forms colloquially known as "Furries". These animals were contained in a special island located in the Pacific Ocean between the continental United States and Hawaii, called the "Wild Lands" where they eventually developed their own culture and social/political hierarchy. The project went bad when the Furries were apparently going to be used for violent means, which lead to the so called "Beast Wars". Dr Grant managed to hide all knowledge of the island from the rest of the world and entrusted the serpentine Sacker to use a serum on any humans that arrived on the island which would rob them of their memories and stunt their capacity for intellectual thought. Because of this practice, the denizens of the Wild Lands grew to believe that all human beings were nothing more than mute savages.


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