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Solis, better known as Lightray, is the shining star of New Genesis and a high-spirited New God gifted with with a variety of solar powers. Unlike his grim friend Orion, Lightray is cheerful and optimistic and prefers to solve problems through compromise rather than combat. He uses the speed of light to his advantage in eluding foes.


As a boy he established a close friendship with fellow New God Orion, son of Darkseid, who comforted Solis after the death of his older brother. One day Orion and Solis discovered a large hole on the surface of New Genesis which turned out to be an outpost of soldiers from the planet Apokolips. These soldiers had been transformed by an energy bomb into beings composed entirely of solar energy. They bombarded Solis with energy blasts, but Orion was able to fight them off with the aid of his mentor Metron. Solis lay in a coma for a month, but upon recovering realized that he had somehow gained solar energy powers. Solis mastered these abilities and renamed himself Lightray. Lightray has remained a close ally of Orion in the battle against Apokolips. Lightray's peaceful nature is a natural foil for Orion's sudden fits of rage.

Six months after alerting Superman to an Apokoliptian incursion and aiding him in the fight, Lightray greeted an assembly of Earth's heroes to New Genesis regarding a threat to the universe, along with Highfather, Orion and Darkseid. Metron had unwittingly unleashed four Aspects of the Anti-Life Entity which would destroy all existence if they did not work together to stop it. Lightray was partnered with Starfire—who privately considered him to be conceited—to hunt down the Aspect on Rann.

Lightray served one stint as a member of the Justice League of America. He joined the international branch along with Orion on the same night as a membership drive failed to find other new recruits. The difference between the two was illustrated in battle. While Lightray desired a minimum of fuss in battle by dispatching his foe, Crowbar, with a simple expenditure of energy to the man's face while, Orion preferred to destroy the pavement around Blackrock — and then was angered when his opponent surrendered instead of fighting to the death.

Combat Statistics[]

  • Lightray (Darkseid's War Factory)



  • Lightray can be talked to in the hero safezone of New Genesis.



  • Lightray first appeared in New Gods #1 (February 1971)
  • Lightray currently does not have a speaking role in DC Universe Online.
  • Like all the New Gods, Lightray is functionally immortal and possesses great superhuman strength, endurance and reflexes. Lightray is able to lift several tons with ease. His reflexes and durability are also more than amazing and he has a limited degree of invulnerability. Lightray flies at the speed of light or even faster, and can generate and project solar energy. Thus, he can create brilliant light and extraordinarily high levels of heat. He can focus his solar energy into beams of laser-like intensity. Lightray can also use his powers of light to create life-like illusions.
  • Using his power to the maximum, he can generate a huge sun or a nova explosion.
  • Although Lightray has a pacifist personality and isn't a highly experienced warrior, he is well trained in hand-to-hand combat, but he prefers to use his solar powers in battle. In his headgear Lightray carries one of the powerful "living computers" called Mother Box.
  • Lightray's appearance seems to be based off of his appearance in the DC Animated Universe and the Comics.


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