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The Lexor Hotel is an extravagant hotel chain owned and run by LexCorp in Metropolis.


The hotel chain is named after the planet Lexor; a desert planet that once contained a great culture of humanoids who thrived and cherished science and technology until their inventions outstripped their wisdom and wars broke out; devastating their society. With the planet becoming arid, the people turned to barbarism to survive.
The planet was discovered after Lex Luthor once again escaped imprisonment and challenged Superman to fight him on equal terms; the then nameless planet was chosen as, due to having a red sun, Superman had no powers while on the planet.
During the pair's battles, Luthor promised the inhabitants water and convinced Superman to provide it by sending various water-laced asteroids to the planet to melt and form rivers and lakes. The people were delighted that Luthor had kept his word and there-after named the planet in his honor.
Luthor would return to the planet many times during his struggles with Superman, genuinely enjoying the people as he helped them reclaim their world. The planet would eventually be destroyed, however, after Luthor accidentally destroyed a machine while fighting Superman that held back seismic earthquakes that would rip the world apart.

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  • The hotel first appeared by name in Episode 11: Honeymoon in Metropolis in the Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman television series. In the episode, Lois Lane decides to take a weekend off from work and books the honeymoon suit at the hotel to relax. However, while there, she witnesses a congressman making a dirty deal across the street and decides to investigate.
  • In spite of being the one who fired the missile that destroyed the machine, as the missile was meant for Superman, Luthor blames the hero for Lexor's destruction.

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