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Lex Luthor is the boss in S.T.A.R. Labs Facility instance. Depending on if the he's met in the regular instance or the challenge one, he is level 15 or Combat Rating 64 respectively.


  • Lex Luthor uses basic Hand Blaster attacks and combos.
  • Primary Attack - Lethal attack (yellow sparks), where Luthor damages you over time and stuns you until broken out.
  • Primary Attack - Lethal attack (green sparks), where he emits a shockwave, knocking you back.
  • Force Field - Lex Luthor's takes greatly reduced damage. A player can disrupt the shield by interacting with the Krypto-Pulsar.

Note: Both of this special attacks are referred to as "Primary Attack" in combat messages.


Luthor is a relatively easy boss as the game provides you with Superman for a tank. Lex will almost always target Superman. When his Force Field is up, activate one of the Krypto-Pulsars nearby (the current one will be marked on the minimap with an orange X) and attack him.

The Pulsars will overload when all three are activated. In 30 seconds, Lex Luthor will gain full power, dealing increased damage, and become immune to all damage. If Superman is KO'ed, Lex Luthor also gains full power regardless of pulsar status.


Regular Mode

Challenge Mode


  • If objects are thrown at Lex Luthor at full power, combat messages will claim they did damage to him, despite that he still will not take any damage.