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Lethal Pod-Cast is a level 17 mission in Gotham East End started once the player completes Floral Affliction.

Release cocooned citizens near the Botanical Gardens.


"First Scarecrow broke out of Arkham, and now Poison Ivy's on the loose. I don't like it. While Robin investigates, I'm relying on you to handle the mess outside. After your past experiences, I'm sure you can handle it." — Batman
"There are people inside those cocoons, metamorphing into Ivy's walking pod people. We can't let her swell her army. Break them free." — Batman
  • Free Cocooned Citizens (0/15) (1083 xp)
  • Defeated Poison Ivy's Plant People (0/15) (1083 xp)
"Poison Ivy used to be a botanist before she went bonkers and decided to reclaim the world for the plants. If we don't get her back to Arkham, Gotham really will be an urban jungle." — Oracle

Upon completion, Garden of Eat Em! is started.