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League Halls are League-centric living spaces that serve as a meeting place, trophy room, shared canvas, and source of power for individual League groups.



LH Creation.png

League Halls may be created at consoles located in each wing of the Watchtower and Hall of Doom.

  • Doing so requires both the "Can Spend Prestige" and "League Hall Admin" permissions.

The first option the UI presents is Environment.

  • Such Environments where a League Hall can be built include the Lunar and Undersea environments.

The second option is Terrain.

  • This represents a choice of landscape to build your League Hall in and affects your view from the Observation Room.

The final option is the specific location to select, given the previous selections.

  • Each location has a Prestige cost for both the initial League Hall creation, as well as relocating the League Hall to that location.


League Halls may be reached in one of two ways:

  • Teleporters located in each wing of the Watchtower and Hall of Doom
  • Teleporter Amenities within personal bases, assuming you have one of the Generator Mods that add League Halls as a destination


The League Hall comes with many built-in features:

  • Only Statuaries must be unlocked to use at all.
  • Statuaries - Statues of League members based on selected rankings
  • Power Core - Powers Proficiencies, bonuses that apply to the entire league
  • League Bank - Bank space shared by the entire League
  • Donation Box - Allows you to exchange items for Prestige
  • Mailbox
  • R&D Station
  • Sparring Targets (of which many are spread out as individuals, but there are also two groups of three together)
  • Awesome view of the Earth from the moon

Costs in Prestige

  • League Hall Creation - 100,000
  • League Hall Location - 25,000 (default)
  • Sea of Tranquility,Tycho Crater - 50,000
  • Proficiencies - 25,000
  • Statuaries - 10,000
  • Bank Slot Rows / Vault #1 - 25,000 (x 5 = 125.000 )
  • Bank Slot Rows / Vault #2 - 35,000 (x 5 = 175.000 )
  • Bank Slot Rows / Vault #3 - 50,000 (x 5 = 250.000 )
  • Bank Slot Rows / Vault #4 - 75,000 (x 5 = 375.000 )

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