Leagues, similar to guilds or clans in other MMORPGs, are player created groups whose aim is to coordinate a large group of players in order to ease grouping for Alerts, Raids, Operations or PvP Arenas. Players cannot be part of multiple leagues at the same time on any one character. A league can have up to 500 members. Joining a league is not a necessity, though going without a league can risk the chance of getting kicked out of an instance if you are not contributing properly, while league members tend to assist each other.

Starting a LeagueEdit

To create a league you have to be an All Access Member and click the Create League button in your Social Window, then pick a name for your league. As of the "Free to Play" update, only All Access account players can create a new league, and as of a later Game Update it is no longer required to be in a group to form a League. When a league is created, it stays even if the leader goes back to Premium. 

Joining a LeagueEdit

To join a league you need to be invited to it and accept the invitation via pop-up window.

Members who have permission to invite to the league will see a green "Invite New Member" button in their league window.

Leaving a LeagueEdit

To leave your current league go to the Social window, select your name and click the "Leave League" button.

On PC, press O to open the league window, and click "Leave League" button. You can also click F4, select League, click your name, then click "Leave League".

On PS, you will need to press on the left arrow button to open up the menu.

Managing a LeagueEdit

Leader PermissionsEdit

As your League's Leader you can:

  • invite players to join your league
  • remove players from your league
  • access the league's unique voice chat channel
  • change a member's rank
  • edit the Message of the Day (MOTD)
  • manage league bank access
  • League Hall decoration permissions
  • allow or deny any of the above privileges

Message of the DayEdit

The MOTD will be shown to all members on login, at least once per day. Changes to the MOTD will display to all online members immediately.

Players may copy text from the MOTD into their clipboards, making it a good place to display URLs or third-party voice chat info.


Within a league, ranks can be used to better distinguish new members from veteran ones, specify group/raid leaders and otherwise promote order and hierarchy within the league. There are 10 ranks in each league.

The standard league ranks are as follows, but can be customized within each league:

  • Leader
  • Officer
  • Tactician
  • Veteran
  • Rival
  • Member
  • Sidekick
  • Initiate
  • Recruit
  • Candidate


To disband a league, the Leader must access the league window and press the Disband League button.

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