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Leader of the Pride[]

 Save all Lion Cub in the Gotham University Warehouse . Rewards 10 FP  
Step Image Step Image
1 LotP 00 2 LotP 01
3 LotP 02 4 LotP 03
5 LotP 04 6 LotP 05
7 LotP 06 8 LotP 07
9 LotP 08 10 LotP 09
11 LotP 10 12 LotP 11
13 LotP 12 14 LotP 13
15 LotP 15 16 LotP 16

Notes and Other Details

  • All six Lion Ladies need to be killed before taking on any of the Lion Lords (the Ladies will kill any cubs you've rescued, otherwise). They patrol back and forth along a limited section of the hallways in pairs. This makes it possible to simply wait for them in safe locations along or within eye-shot of their path and they will come right to you where you can easily kill them, outside the aggro range of any Lords.
  • The boss Lord needs to be the first Lord killed which means carefully and patiently sneaking to the other end of the building (the ceiling is your friend, here). If you acquire cubs before killing the boss, your cubs will run right to him and directly within his AoE spell range, killing them instantly. You'll want to stay well out of his AoE damage too, since it is massive, so after opening the gate to his room just stay put (though, spin around to face him). Any long-range attack should be able to reach him so just fire away. Hopefully, you can take him out before his cub crosses the distance of the room and starts in on you -- The boss has a cub of his own who will come at you with a melee attack, as do all the cubs, until their own fathers are dead.
  • Take it slow and creep into aggro range of each Lord one step at a time or you will end up with more than one Lord & cub pair to deal with at once. This will cause the feat to fail since the second father & son pair will kill the first cub as soon as it allies with you (meaning as soon as his father goes down).
  • Work your way back towards the entrance, as shown, and that's it! You should have a total of 9 cubs with you by the time you're done.