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Laugh Riot is a level 13 mission started when the player talks to Commissioner Gordon for Gordon Wants a Word.

Take on the Joker Clowns rioting at the abandoned Amusement Mile theme park[sic]

Joker's bomb

One of Joker's bombs.


"Ha ha ha! What's this? Has an uninvited guest stumbled into my toxin testing ground? So sorry I can't be there to welcome you in person. Enjoy the party -- if it doesn't kill you first!" — Joker
  • Get to Amusement Mile
  • Throw Bombs in River to Defuse Them (0/5) (617 xp) (10 xp for each bomb)
  • Arrest Joker's Henchmen (0/10) (617 xp)
  • Collect Joker Gas Inhalers from Clowns (0/20) (617 xp)
"We need to get the formula for that Joker toxin. If I know Joker, he's left a trail. See what you can find." — Batman
Joker bomb effect

A player throwing one of Joker's bombs.

Upon completion, Beware of Jokers Bearing Gifts is automatically started.


  • The bombs could be used as an explosive stun weapon against Joker's minions. Note that they also stun players and officers.
  • A Jokandroid may show up. When defeated, it would explode dealing 300 damage to nearby players.