Kyle Abbott is an ex-member of the League of Assassins and the on-again-off-again werewolf lover and bodyguard of Whisper A'Daire.


Formerly an agent for Ra's al Ghul, Kyle was a high ranking officer in Ra's' army known as "The Demon's Hound". After Ra's' death at the hands of his daughter, Kyle remained with Whisper A'Daire as her bodyguard. During his time with her, he also drank the serum that empowered Whisper; resulting in him becoming an immortal werewolf.

Always following Whisper's orders, Kyle is unwaveringly loyal to her. However, Whisper has the tendency to lash out at him for any perceived failures, at one time blinding and disfiguring him with her acid spit. He left her, but she found him again and injected him with her life-giving serum, restoring his face and boosting his power to new levels, but leaving his left eye disabled. Following the Infinite Crisis, his eyesight was restored.

Kyle has recently resurfaced again as a bodyguard for Whisper, with both working for Intergang.

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  • Kyle first appeared in Detective Comics #743 (April, 2000)
  • After drinking Ra's' serum, Kyle is immortal and able to shape-shift into a wolf form in which he has enhanced strength and durability. He can also assume a werewolf-like form in which Whisper A'Daire describes him as a "large, furry brick". It is unknown if Kyle is able to be wounded by silver or other traditional werewolf weaknesses.
  • Kyle had an encounter with the Overmaster, where the Overmaster revealed that Kyle was a vessel for the power of Fenrir (a Norse wolf monster).

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