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The Kingdom of Heaven is a realm that exists in the afterlife where the souls of the "just" retire to when they pass away. Heaven is thought to have been responsible for the creation of the known and unknown universe, with its citizens charged with watching over and maintaining what was created.


 Spectre (Oliver Queen)
Spectre (Oliver Queen)



  • The kingdom is guarded and protected by the Pax-Dei; the Army of Heaven, the army is divided into four "hosts"; Eagle, Human, Bull and Lion, with each host led by a King-Angel.
  • The appearance and treatment of heaven in the DC Universe is shepherded by the Comics Code; a set of ethical guidelines drawn up in the 1950s in reaction to anti-comic book hysteria. The Code states that "Ridicule or attack on any religious or racial group is never permissible." Later revisions of the code are phrased in terms of respecting religious beliefs and religious institutions.
  • Amusingly enough, many of the visual elements of the heavenly styles borrow heavily from Greco-Roman design stylings, as well as the pantheons of classic mythology. Most notably, the winged boots of the Archangel style (and consequently those of the Cosmic Angelic style as well) are borrowed from the Greek god Hermes.


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