Waylon Jones, more commonly known by his supervillain alias Killer Croc, is one of Batman's common opponents, and a villain in DC Universe Online. Born with a form of atavism and a rare mutation, he has the strength, speed, agility, fangs & claws, healing rate, amphibian attributes & aggression of an actual reptile. Waylon Jones was constantly bullied and taunted by his aunt because of his reptilian appearance. In retaliation to his discrimination, Waylon killed her. Waylon's genetic mutation caused his body to grow to grotesque proportions, with his skin becoming hardened and scaly. Killer Croc eventually became detached from humanity, and his misanthropy grew as did his bestial nature, pushing him to a life of crime.


Born with a form of atavism and a rare mutation that made his skin green and scaly, Waylon Jones was raised by an alcoholic aunt in a northern Florida slum. Relentlessly bullied because of his appearance, he eventually snapped and was sent to a reform school. With little education and a sociopathic hatred for all "normal" people, Jones became a petty criminal and a fully fledged murderer by his 18th birthday.

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  • Killer Croc shows up in the Cape Carmine Lighthouse duo twice. His tactics are a bit different, as he can spit bile at you that will do continual damage. It can be washed off by getting close to a water source, which will then heal you slightly. He shows up again after you meet Nightwing with Deathstroke in tow.
  • Killer Croc is an iconic enemy for heroes in Gotham Under Siege (Amazon Fury Part I DLC).


  • Killer Croc has been hired by the Falcone crime family as muscle in their turf war with Bane. While the Joker plots to undermine Bane's venom quality, Killer Croc is pursuing a direct vendetta with Bane. Joker comments that there's no need to pay Croc to kill Bane; he'd do it for free.


  • Killer Croc first appeared in Batman #357 (January 1984)
  • Killer Croc's voice was provided by voice actor Edwin Neal.


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