Jack is one of the six Sons of Trigon, half-demonic brothers who worship their father, Trigon and work to bring about the rising of their father by inciting demonic sin on Earth.


In order to facility his entrance onto Earth's plane, the demon Trigon created a cult on Earth to seduce women and produce offspring with his essence. While the firstborn from this plan, Raven, rebelled against her heritage and became a superhero, other children fell under his infuence and eventually succumbed to his evil as avatars of the seven deadly sins.

Six of these children, Jesse, Jacob, Jack, Jared, Julius and James, united following Trigon's imprisonment in the pocket dimension known as the Gotham Wastelands and gathered their cults in a contest to gather enough sinful energy to free their father and become his avatar on Earth's plane.

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Jack is a secret boss fight in the Ruined Cathedral duo.  He can only be fought by players who completed enough daily missions in the wrath territory, and even then, the fight can only happen after defeating Jared.

Jack also appears in the Trigon's Prison alert alongside Jared as one of the three duos used in the random selection that determines the second boss fight.




  • Jack first appeared in Titans #3 (August, 2008)


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