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Break into a JSA Safehouse in Downtown Metropolis to discover where the JSA is holding Sinestro.


"Interesting. If Calculator is corrcet, Sinestro's ring has been drained to the point where the JSA was able to take him captive. Rescuing Sinestro would be quite a strategic move on our part. There's a "secret" safehouse location nearby. Get in and find out what they know." — Lex Luthor
  • Break into the JSA Safehouse and Find Clues to Sinestro's Location
"So the JSA has Sinestro hostage at the Justice Society headquarters. That's the Justice Society, not the Justice League. Same idea, smaller membership. Must have taken all of them to take down Sinestro - even the original Green Lantern and his mystical Starheart power can't take him on alone." — Calculator