Isis is one of Selina Kyle's pet cats and a frequent cohort and accompaniment in her nightly escapades.

One of her more favored pets, Isis has been trained by Catwoman to be her diminutive partner in crime. To this end, on top of conventional tricks of item retrieval and following commands, Isis has learned to detect, and evade laser based security systems, is capable of identifying and shutting down lever/switch based obstacles and retrieve priceless jewels and artifacts for her owner on her own. Isis is also capable of sneaking up to and attacking opponents that impede her or her owner's way.

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  • Isis appears as a base item pet first obtainable during the 2017 The Witching Hour Halloween Event. Once placed within a base, the base owner can interact with her once a day to receive a random item.

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  • Isis first appeared in the Batman: The Animated Series' episode "The Cat and the Claw, Part I" (September, 1992).
  • In addition to following the player around the lair she is placed within, Isis also interacts with the Cat Scratching Post base item when it is placed within the same lair as her.
  • As Catwoman's cat, Isis has been shown to fight the dogs of Superman (Krypto) and Batman (Ace), as well as Streaky the Supercat.
  • Isis is also a showcat and has her own pixtagraph account (@ISIS_THE_HISS) with over 170,000 followers. Her popularity is such that she appears on various pet perfume commercials and has a Mewrina endorsement deal.
  • Isis' pet perfume scent is "Dark Catnip".


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