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Inventory Icon

The Inventory Screen is a screen in the Player Character's PDA that allows the player to view the Items, Weapons and Costumes/Armor they have equipped as well as the items stored in their inventory.

Through the Inventory Screen, the player can also view the amount of Cash the character holds and access the Stats, Currency, Fortify, Augment and Base Sub-screens.

The screen is accessible by pressing "I" (PC), "Start" (PS3), or "Options" (PS4).

Slot Types[]



Batman inventory

Batman Glitch

  • When the Player Character's inventory storage is full, an alert icon will appear below the player's Mini-Map, a similar icon will also appear if any of their equipped costume/armor pieces are broken and in need of repair.
  • A glitch causes the player with the same settings to be shown with a very dark colours.
  • Another glitch causes Batman to be displayed instead of the player character.
  • As part of the Hand of Fate DLC, Players can increase the number of Trinkets and Consumable Items they can carry through the use of Utility Belt.
  • As of late 2023 an inventory can have up to 28 rows, meaning a player character can max out the inventory to hold 28 * 7 = 196 items at once. Inventory upgrades can be bought from the marketplace.