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Into the Hall of Doom is a level 9 villain mission started automatically once the player reaches level 9.

The Secret Society is offering you access to the Hall of Doom. Teleport to the Hall of Doom to see what you can get out of the deal.

NOTE: This is written from the perspective of a magic villain.


"This is Calculator. Ready for the big leagues, kid? You are invited to the Hall of Doom to hang out with the Secret Society of Supervillains. And you thought your villainy went unnoticed! Use the nearest teleporter and I'll show you the ropes." — Calculator
  • Use the Teleporter in the nearest Nightclub to report to the Magic Wing in the Hall of Doom
"Here it is. The Hall. Of. Doom. I get a chill, don't you? Or maybe it's the air conditioning, they keep it low for Mister Freeze. Ready to start your tour? Just follow your minimap and activate the consoles to hear my dulcet tones." — Calculator
  • Locate and access the General Information Console in the Magic Wing
  • Access the Vendor Information Console located near the General Information Console
  • Locate the East Bank at the side entrance of this wing of the Hall of Doom
  • Locate the East Bank between the Magic and Meta Wings of the Hall of Doom

Upon doing so, the mission changes into Deeper Into Doom.


  • Experience only