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Insect Colonist is a costume style set and an Iconic Battle Suit for heroes only.

Consisting of eight pieces, the set is a specialized Tier 6 PvE (Player versus Environment) set only available from the Colony Trader in the Watchtower.

To obtain this set, players must be at Level 30, have a PvE Combat Rating of 100 or above and have the Halls of Power Part I DLC.

The price for the whole set for each Role is: 14919 Cash, 400 Marks of Victory.

All pieces on sale have a Item Level of 94.

The set is also available as style items from Vending Unit 00 in the Aquacultural Area of the Watchtower.


Insect Colonist (Damage)
Pieces Obtainment
  • Enforcer's Helm of the Collective (head)
  • Enforcer's Shoulderblades of the Collective (shoulders)
  • Enforcer's Thorax of the Collective (chest)
  • Enforcer's Legs of the Collective (legs)
  • Enforcer's Tarsi of the Collective (feet)
  • Enforcer's Gloves of the Collective (hands)
  • Enforcer's Girdle of the Collective (waist)
  • Enforcer's Backblades of the Collective (back)
Insect Colonist (Controller)
Pieces Obtainment
  • Taskmaster's Helm of the Collective (head)
  • Taskmaster's Shoulderblades of the Collective (shoulders)
  • Taskmaster's Thorax of the Collective (chest)
  • Taskmaster's Legs of the Collective (legs)
  • Taskmaster's Tarsi of the Collective (feet)
  • Taskmaster's Gloves of the Collective (hands)
  • Taskmaster's Girdle of the Collective (waist)
  • Taskmaster's Backblades of the Collective (back)
Insect Colonist (Healer)
Pieces Obtainment
  • Healer's Helm of the Collective (head)
  • Healer's Shoulderblades of the Collective (shoulders)
  • Healer's Thorax of the Collective (chest)
  • Healer's Legs of the Collective (legs)
  • Healer's Tarsi of the Collective (feet)
  • Healer's Gloves of the Collective (hands)
  • Healer's Girdle of the Collective (waist)
  • Healer's Backblades of the Collective (back)
Insect Colonist (Tank)
Pieces Obtainment
  • Warden's Helm of the Collective (head)
  • Warden's Shoulderblades of the Collective (shoulders)
  • Warden's Thorax of the Collective (chest)
  • Warden's Legs of the Collective (legs)
  • Warden's Tarsi of the Collective (feet)
  • Warden's Gloves of the Collective (hands)
  • Warden's Girdle of the Collective (waist)
  • Warden's Backblades of the Collective (back)

Insect Colonist (Styles)
Pieces Obtainment
  • Insect Colonist Head Style (head)
  • Insect Colonist Shoulders Style (shoulders)
  • Insect Colonist Chest Style (chest)
  • Insect Colonist Legs Style (legs)
  • Insect Colonist Feet Style (feet)
  • Insect Colonist Hands Style (hands)
  • Insect Colonist Waist Style (waist)
  • Insect Colonist Back Style (back)




The Insect Colonist's overall color-scheme consists of three colors that can be chosen by the Player in the Style Window. Specific sections of the style's pieces can also be allocated a more specific colour by the Player.

Emblems do not appear on this style.


  • Snug as a Bug: Collect all styles in the Insect Colonist set. (25 Points)
Snug as a Bug



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