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Influence is a currency acquired from PVP combat, including Arena PVP and Legends PVP.


Influence is gained upon completion of a PVP match, with 50 being granted to the winning team, and 25 granted to the losing team. 1 Influence is also awarded for each enemy your team manages to knock out while in a given match.

It can also be exchanged for other currencies at the following rates:


Influence can be used to purchase level 30 Tier 1 PVP Gear from PVP vendors within the Watchtower and Hall of Doom. For Heroes, these vendors are available in the Reactor Core of the Watchtower. For Villains, these vendors are available in the Power Core of the Hall of Doom.

There are certain vendors that sell PVP all weapon types for all roles, costing 775 influence. These vendors appear after the Diamond Heist PVP event for the winning team. Here (after update 15 you can buy those weapons at the reactor room in the watchtower)

It is also possible to purchase several level 25 PVP weapons from additional vendors within the various safe houses in Gotham and Metropolis.

As of update 4, players can purchase Tier 2 PVP Gear for Influence.

Available Gear Types[]

Various gear types can be purchased for different amounts of influence, as follows:

Gear Types
Influence Cost Gear Slot
75 Ring
100 Neck
150 Trinket
400 Boots, Gloves, Belt, Back
500 Shoulder, Head
750 Weapon
550 Chest, Legs


  • Influence was removed with game update 25, though Influence earned by a player character stayed in his/her inventory and the PvP vendors kept Supply Boxes in store, for which the remaining amount could be used.