Indigo-1 is the first inductee and resulting leader of the Indigo Tribe.

Mysteriously enigmatic, Indigo-1 follows the example of the late Abin Sur by leading her tribe in their mission to oppose the rise of the Black Lantern Corps by "spreading compassion throughout the universe".

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Before her induction into what would become the Indigo Tribe, Iroque was a remorseless and prideful killer and the greatest enemy of Green Lantern (Abin Sur).
Following his discovery and harnessing of the Indigo Light of Compassion on the planet Nok, Abin Sur tracked Iroque down, captured her, and brought her secretly to Nok to be the first person to converted into the Indigo Tribe.

Now instilled with a profound sense of compassion for all living things thanks to her Indigo Power Ring, following Abin's departure, Iroque (newly named as "Indigo-1") continued his method of "recruitment" by secretly hunting and acquiring other intergalactic criminals and sadists and converting them into the tribe through the same processes that converted her.
As the tribe's membership grew over time, Iroque began sensing the turmoil within the emotional spectrum that was prophesied to give rise to the Black Lantern Corps and makes ready to rally her tribe in supporting the various corps in defending the existence of life in the coming "Blackest Night".

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  • While the extent of their history before her induction into the tribe is largely unknown, it is known that Iroque is responsible for the death of Abin Sur's daughter.

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