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Iconic Equipment are any of several pieces of unique equipment pieces dropped throughout the game by enemy Iconic Characters in Instance Iconic Battles or Alerts. Each piece of Iconic Equipment unlocks a unique Iconic Style.

The equipment may sometimes also be received by fighting with the character against the same opponent. For example, Wonder Girl's Mystic Belt is also available as a drop from Giganta after defeating her with help from Wonder Girl.

Not to be confused with Iconic Battle Suits.


Male Female Name Style Obtained From
HeadRobotBatman HeadRobotBatmanF Android Batman's Cowl Robot Batman T.O. Morrow's Hideout, Batcave: Inner Sanctum
HeadAstroHelmet HeadAstroHelmetF Astro Helmet Astro Helmet
Collections: Fourth World Items of Interest
HeadRobotJoker Iconic Robot Joker Female Brainiac Joker's Malevolent Head Robot Joker T.O. Morrow's Hideout
HeadBrainiacSunstone HeadBrainiacSunstoneF Broodmother's Cranium Brainiac Sunstone Fortress of Solitude: Chasm
HeadBrotherBlood Iconic Brother Blood Female Brother Blood's Sinister Hood Brother Blood Ellsworth Memorial Hospital
HeadBrotherEye Iconic Brother Eye Female Brother Eye's Helm of the OMAC Centurion Brother Eye OMAC Base
HeadMissionaryOfHope HeadMissionaryOfHopeF Cap of Hope Missionary of Hope
(Brother Warth)
Collections: Blue Lantern Corps Inscriptions
HeadCaptainCold HeadCaptainColdFemale Captain Cold's Furred Hood Captain Cold Stryker's Island Penitentiary
HeadCrownOfHades HeadCrownOfHadesF Crown of Hades Crown of Hades
Collections: It's the End of the Underworld!
HeadDaringFuryHelmet HeadDaringFuryHelmetF Daring Fury Helmet Daring Fury Helmet
Collections: New Gods Items of Power
HeadDomineeringFuryHeadgear HeadDomineeringFuryHeadgearF Domineering Fury Headgear Domineering Fury Headgear
Collections: Granny's Report Cards
HeadSpectre Iconic Spectre Female Deathmask of the Spectre Spectre Lair of the Spectre
HeadBrotherEye Iconic Brother Eye Female Elite OMAC Centurion Helmet Brother Eye OMAC Base
HeadFelixFaus HeadFelixFaustF Faust's Orichalcum Helm Felix Faust Mannheim's Chinese Theater
File:HeadSpeedstersCowl.png HeadSpeedstersCowlF Flash Cowl The Flash Marketplace
HeadHarleyQuinn HeadHarleyQuinnF Harley's Sinister Masquerade Harley Quinn Joker's Funhouse
File:.png HeadMadHatF Mad Hat Mad Hat
(Mad Hatter)
Doctor Fate's Daily Rewards
(March 2024)
HeadNabu'sChosen HeadNabu'sChosenF Helm of Nabu's Chosen Nabu's Chosen
(Doctor Fate)
Doctor Fate (Vendor)
File:HeadAtlanteanPrince.png HeadAtlanteanPrinceF Helm of the Atlantean Prince Atlantean Prince
(Ocean Master)
Supplier Sibyl
HeadHelmOfTheFuries HeadHelmOfTheFuriesF Helm of the Furies Helm of the Furies
(Big Barda)
Meet the New Gods (Investigations)
HeadProtegeOfTheInversions HeadProtegeOfTheInversionsF Helm of the Inversions Protege of the Inversions
Hope for the Hopeless (Investigations)
HeadPiedPiper HeadPiedPiperF Hood of the Piper Pied Piper Flashback
HeadOriginalSpeedster HeadOriginalSpeedsterF Original Speedster Helmet Original Speedster
(Jay Garrick)
An Exceptional Antiquity (Briefings)
HeadRaven Iconic Raven Female Raven's Soulmask Raven 8th Precinct
HeadScarecrow HeadScarecrowF Shroud of the Scarecrow Scarecrow Gotham City Sewers, Arkham Asylum
HeadStarHelmet Iconic Star Helmet Female Star Helmet Evil Star Oan Sciencells(Villain), Briefing (Hero)
HeadThanagarianHelm HeadThanagarianHelmF Thanagarian Helm Thanagarian Helm (Hawkman) Collections: Museum Miscellany
File:.png HeadThanagarsChampionF Thanagar's Champion Helmet Thanagar's Champion (Hawkgirl) Collections: Top Hawk
HeadValiantWarrior HeadValiantWarriorF Tiara of the Valiant Valiant Warrior (Wonder Woman) Memento of the Goddess
HeadGoddessOfWisdomF Wise Helm of Omnipotence Goddess of Wisdom (Athena) Shattered Wise Helm of Omnipotence


Male Female Name Style Obtained From
FaceCaptainColdGlasses FaceCaptainColdGlassesF Captain Cold's Glasses Captain Cold Glasses Stryker's Island Penitentiary
FaceCatwoman FaceCatwomanF Catwoman's Goggles Catwoman Gotham University Warehouse
FaceServantOfTheGrandMaster FaceServantOfTheGrandMasterF Cybernetic Semblance Servant of the Grand Master
(Hank Henshaw)
Tales of the Sinestro Corps (Briefings)
File:FaceInvestigator.png FaceInvestigatorF Investigator's Mask Investigator (The Question) ARGUS Supply Officer
FaceVigilantesJustice FaceVigilantesJusticeF Mask of the Vigilante Vigilante's Justice
(The Huntress)
Omerta (Briefings)
FaceMonitor FaceMonitorF Monitor Mask Monitor Equipment Supplier AE
FaceOanTech Iconic Oan Tech Female Oan Tech Mask Oan Tech Coast City
FaceZamaronCrescentF Zamaron Crescent Mask Zamaron Crescent (Star Sapphire (Carol Ferris)) Shining Heart of Devotion, Iced Heart of Devotion, Valentine's Kiosk


Male Female Name Style Obtained From
ShouldersRyut ShouldersRyutF Ryut Shoulderpads Ryut Coast City
ShouldersSector13 Iconic Sector 13 Female Sector 13 Shoulderpads Sector 13 Oan Sciencells


Male Female Name Style Obtained From
ChestAscetic ChestAsceticF Ascetic's Ragged Shirt Ascetic
In Blackest Night (Investigations)
ChestDeathsVestFemale Death's Vest Death's Vest
Blackest Night
ChestDeathstroke ChestDeathstrokeF Deathstroke's Menacing Bandolier Deathstroke Monarch Playing Card Company
ChestGardner-style Iconic Gardner-style Female Gardner-style Vest Gardner-style Oan Sciencells (Villains)/

Spectrum Analysis (Briefings) (Heroes)

File:.png ChestMagicianF Magician's Shirt Magician
ARGUS Supply Officer
ChestProtege ChestProtegeF Protege's Top Protege
Gotham Gone to Hell (Investigations)
File:.png ChestOccultDetectiveF Occult Detective Coat Occult Detective
(John Constantine)
Doctor Fate's Daily Rewards
(July 2023)
ChestAbraKadabra ChestAbraKadabraFemale Vestment of the Magician Abra Kadabra Flashback


Male Female Name Style Obtained From
HandsBombshellBracersF Bombshell Bracers Bombshell Bracers
(Bombshell Diana)
Wonderverse Supply Bot Alpha
HandsKryptonianCrystal HandsKryptonianCrystalF Corrupted Kryptonian Gauntlets Kryptonian Crystal Fortress of Solitude: Power Core
HandsIsis Iconic Isis Female Divine Handwraps of the Goddess Isis Isis Gotham University
HandsDoctorFate Iconic Doctor Fate Female Doctor Fate's Managrips Doctor Fate Sentinels of Magic Citadel
HandsEnergyBattery HandsEnergyBatteryF Energy Battery Gloves Energy Battery
Oan Sciencells
HandsGlovesOfAres HandsGlovesOfAresF Gloves of War Gloves of Ares Collections: Secrets of the Labyrinth
HandsKingOfTheSeasF King of the Seas' Grips King of the Seas
Supplier Sibyl
HandsPowerGirl Iconic Power Girl Female Power Girl's Reinforced Grips Power Girl Metropolis University
HandsReforgedWonderGirlF Reforged Wonder Girl Bracers Reforged Wonder Girl Grant (Wonder Woman Day 2021)
HandsSinestro Iconic Sinestro Female Sinestro's Banded Gauntlets Sinestro Metropolis City Hall


Male Female Name Style Obtained From
WaistAquaman WaistAquamanF Aquaman's Royal Waistguard Aquaman Condemned Shipping Office
WaistBane Iconic Bane Female Bane's Rageblind Belt Bane Cape Carmine Lighthouse
WaistNabusChosenF Belt of Nabu's Chosen Nabu's Chosen
(Doctor Fate)
Batwoman's Research (Briefings)
WaistComradeBeltF Comrade Belt Comrade Belt
(Comrade Diana)
Wonderverse Supply Bot Alpha
WaistKingOfTheSeasF King of the Seas' Belt King of the Seas
Supplier Sibyl
WaistLassoOfTruthF Lasso of Truth Style Lasso of Truth
(Wonder Woman)
Penthesilea's and Orm's Delights
File:.png WaistOmegaBatF Omega Bat Belt Omega Bat
Survival Mode 2.0 (Season 3)
WaistPoisonIvy Iconic Poison Ivy Female Poison Ivy's Thorny Cincture Poison Ivy Giordano Botanical Gardens
WaistRobin Iconic Robin Female Robin's Utility Belt Robin Joker's Funhouse
WaistTrigonsChainBelt WaistTrigonsChainBeltF Trigon's Chain Belt Trigon's Chain Belt Trigon's Arrival (Briefings)
WaistWhipBelt WaistWhipBeltF Whip Belt Whip Belt
Collections: Ballroom Crash
WaistWonderGirl Iconic Wonder Girl Female Wonder Girl's Mystic Belt Wonder Girl New Troy Central Station


Male Female Name Style Obtained From
LegsHadessCloth LegsHades'sClothF Hades's Cloth Hades's Cloth
Leave of Absense (Investigations)


Male Female Name Style Obtained From
FeetAlanScott FeetAlanScottF Alan Scott's Wrapped Treads Alan Scott JSA Metropolis Wing
FeetBombshellBootsF Bombshell Boots Bombshell Boots
(Bombshell Diana)
Wonderverse Supply Bot Alpha
FeetBootsOfRuin FeetBootsOfRuinF Boots of War Boots of Ruin (Ares) The Real War (Briefings)
FeetMutantClown FeetMutantClownF Clownsanity's Mutant Boots Mutant Clown Ace Chemicals (Alert)
FeetKlarion FeetKlarionF High Market Buckled Boots Klarion The Midnight Masquerade
FeetSneakersOfWrath FeetSneakersOfWrathF Jared's Demonic Kicks Sneakers of Wrath The Bride of Blood (Briefings)
FeetKingOfTheSeasF King of the Seas' Boots King of the Seas
Supplier Sibyl
FeetLordOfChaosF Lord of Chaos' Greaves Lord of Chaos
History of Mordru (Investigations)
FeetSupergirl Iconic Supergirl Female Supergirl's Kandorian Battleboots Supergirl Metropolis General Hospital
FeetFlash FeetFlashF The Flash's Speed-Treads Flash Old STAR Labs
FeetThundergodsBoots FeetThundergodsBootsF Thundergod's Boots Thundergod's Boots
Collections: Wares of the Gods


Male Female Name Style Obtained From
BackBatwoman Iconic Batwoman Female Batwoman's Serrated Cape Batwoman Temple of Crime
BackBombshellWonderWomansAegisF Bombshell Wonder Woman's Aegis Bombshell Wonder Woman's Aegis Grant (Wonder Woman Day 2021)
BackBrainiac BackBrainiacF Brainiac's Back-Mounted Cannons Brainiac Batcave: Inner Sanctum
BackRasAlGhulsProperCape BackRasAlGhulsProperCapeF Cape of the Demon Ra's al Ghul's Proper Cape Collections: Memories of Their Father
BackCapeOfTheRenegade BackCapeOfTheRenegadeF Cape of the Deserter Cape of the Renegade
Collections: Fragments of Mantis
BackCloakOfHades BackCloakOfHadesF Cloak of Hades Cloak of Hades
Collections: Secrets of the Underworld
File:BackNabusChosen.png BackNabusChosenF Cloak of Nabu's Chosen Nabu's Chosen
(Doctor Fate)
Collections: JLD Trading Cards
BackDoomsday Iconic Doomsday Female Doomsday's Savage Spines Doomsday Smallville
BackEnergy Battery Iconic Energy Battery Female Energy Battery Backpack Energy Battery
Oan Sciencells
BackHawkWings BackHawkWingsF Journeyman's Wings Hawk Wings
Survival of the Fittest (Briefings)
BackMisterFreeze Iconic Mister Freeze Female Mister Freeze's Frigid Cryotank Mr. Freeze Gotham Mercy General Hospital
BackMisterFreeze Iconic Mister Freeze Female Mister Freeze's Improved Cryotank Mr. Freeze ?
BackKickMe BackKickMeF Punchline's Sign Kick Me Ace Chemicals (Alert)
BackRasAlGhul BackRasAlGhulF The Cloak of Ra's al Ghul Ra's al Ghul League of Assassins Stronghold
BackSonOfTheBatF Son of the Bat Cape Style Son of the Bat
(Robin (Damian Wayne))
Doctor Fate's Daily Rewards
(September 2022)


Male Female Name Style Obtained From
HairAmazonMetalF Amazon Metal - Ombre Hair Style Amazon Metal
(Wonder Woman (Death Metal))
Lobo (Vendor)
HairAtlanteanEmperorF Atlantean Emperor Hair Atlantean Emperor
(Emperor Aquaman)
Shining Heart of Devotion, Iced Heart of Devotion, Valentine's Kiosk
HairFerrisHeiressF Ferris Heiress Hair Ferris Heiress
(Star Sapphire (Carol Ferris))
Shining Heart of Devotion, Iced Heart of Devotion, Valentine's Kiosk
HairKryptonianMetalF Kryptonian Metal Hair Style Kryptonian Metal
(Superman (Death Metal))
Lobo (Vendor)
HairLongSide-SweptHairF Long Side-Swept Hair Long Side-Swept Hair
Wonderverse Supply Bot Alpha
HairLordOfLiesF Lord of Lies Hair Style Lord of Lies
Sentinel Archibald
HairMagicianF Magician Hair Style Magician
ARGUS Supply Officer
HairMidbackWarriorBackcombedF Midback Warrior Backcombed Hair Midback Warrior Backcombed
Shining Heart of Devotion, Iced Heart of Devotion, Valentine's Kiosk
HairOceanQueenF Ocean Queen Hair Ocean Queen
Doctor Fate (Vendor)
HairTamaranianHair-OmbreF Tamaranian Hair - Ombre Tamaranian Hair - Ombre
Titans Equipment Supplier
HairWonderfulLocksF Wonderful Locks Hair Wonderful Locks
(Wonder Woman)
Collections: Mythical Haircare


Image Name Style Obtained From
EmblemBatmans80thEmblem Batman's 80th Emblem Batman's 80th Emblem ARGUS Supply Officer / Marketplace in 2019
EmblemSupermans80thEmblem Superman's 80th Emblem Superman's 80th Emblem Equipment Supplier DS in 2018
EmblemWonderWomanEmblem Wonder Woman 75th Emblem Wonder Woman Emblem Via in-game mail on July 20th, 2016


Image Weapon Style Name Style Obtained From
ShieldBombshellWonderWomansShield Shield Bombshell Wonder Woman's Shield Bombshell Wonder Woman's Shield Member gift on occasion of the release of the Age of Justice episode
HandBlasterCyborgsCyberneticCannon Hand Blaster Cyborg's Cybernetic Cannon Cyborg Glove Gun Hell's Doorway (villain mission)
One-HandedScarecrowsTwistedCleaver One-Handed Scarecrow's Sinister Cleaver Twisted Cleaver Arkham Asylum
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