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Ice Elemental is an Ice power that becomes available at Level 21.


Transform into the embodiment of Ice, greatly enhancing role-specific stats. Ice Elemental form provides new weapon combos, and renders you immune to most Control effects.

Tank Role : Increases Defense.

Damage Role : Increases damage output.


Usable While Controlled
Cooldown: 0.5s
Supercharge Cost: 5000

While in Damage Role you gain 25% Control Resistance, 60% Damage Bonus, another 20% Control Resistance, 10% Weapon DPS and 10% Precision buffs for 21 seconds upon using this ability.

Head Equipment Mods[]

Head Equipment Mods are available for this power:


Ice Elemental lasts for 21 seconds. In this form, you cannot use any Movement Modes, although you can still use abilities from their skill trees, except Dive Bomb and Dustoff. You can also use Iconic Powers after a game update during May 2022. Despite having two ranged combos listed in the Ice Elemental action quick menu, this form is unable to use any ranged basic attacks.


  • The design of the Ice Elemental was re-used in the Mister Freeze boss encounter in the raid Metal Part I: Monsters of Metal, in the form of Ice Behemoth and Ice Giant adds.
  • Previously, you were not able to use Iconic Powers while in Ice Elemental, however after an update sometime in May 2022 this changed. There was no hot fix notes for this change and players discovered it during gameplay. This was an intended change and a developer confirmed that they implemented it upon player feedback.