Born a child of wealth and privilege, Tommy Elliot became close friends with Bruce Wayne. Tommy and Bruce enjoyed playing games of strategy, with Tommy always seeming to outmaneuver his otherwise brilliant friend.

Desiring the family fortune, Tommy severed the brake lines to his parents' car, sending the vehicle caroming off the side of the road. Tommy’s father was instantly killed, but his mother managed to survive thanks to the skills of Bruce's father.
When Bruce's own parents also met an untimely demise at the whim of a mugger's bullet, Tommy discovered that Bruce had inherited the entire Wayne family fortune and became envious. Tommy eventually came into possession of the fortune that he so desperately wanted, but he had to wait years, watching his mother suffer and ultimately succumb to cancer. Twisted by his own avarice, he inwardly blamed Bruce Wayne for his perceived "good fortune" – a mentality that fueled his transformation into the vigilante "Hush".


Hush uses dual pistols both in range and in melee combat.

  • Special moves:
    • When he does a "beg" emote, red rings appear and drain 8000 power multiple times, but after a few seconds 3000 power is removed, so this is the most of your worries


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  • Hush first appeared in Batman #609 (January, 2003)
  • Hush is voiced by J. Shannon Weaver.


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