Promethium Lockbox Update!Edit

Promethium Lockboxes have now been updated with our Loot Picker system! Now players have their choice of rewards!

In addition to the current Promethium Lockbox offerings, we've added:

  • More Styles!
    • We've taken many of our most sought after styles in game and added them to Promethium Lockboxes! These styles are now available across faction!
    • Only the original, intended faction can earn any feats associated from the styles.
  • New Compound Omega!
    • Get your hands on the newest compound that gives your group a 30 minute, 5% buff to all stats!
  • Marketplace Items!
    • We've added a handful of helpful Marketplace items to the mix!

New Feat Added!

  • Collecting 30K Tokens of Merit earns the player the Not Easily Token feat.

Promethium Lockboxes will also guarantee:

  • Mark of Victory drop x1


  • Promethium Lockboxes will now guarantee Tokens of Merit (Victory) x100
  • Promethium Lockboxes will now drop twice as often


Players above relevancy in content using the Loot Picker now have a chance to receive an 'Exobit Cluster' as loot, in place of a bonus Mark. Players within relevancy will continue to see the bonus Mark.
Tier 4 Duos

  • Players of all access levels should now see loot from these duos.


Steelworks: Oolong Siege Robot

  • Fixed an issue with the "Ground Pound" ability doing too much damage.
  • Reduced the radius of the Lightning Strike attack.
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