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Hospital Havok is a level 12 villain mission started upon the completion of Earning Respect.

Look out for Bizarro!


"Good, you are on the job. It seems patients at my Metahuman Wing at Metropolis General Hospital are...resisting Doctor Psycho's experimental "treatment." But work on the metahuman brain is at a crucial stage. I don't need this interruption, or the publicity. Put down the riot, and retrieve my test subjects." — Lex Luthor
  • Travel to Metropolis General Hospital
"LexCorp has implanted special containment fields in these Metas. Activate it, and they'll give you no further trouble." — Lex Luthor
  • Secure Metahuman Patients in Containment Fields and Transport them to the LexCorp Ship (0/10)
  • Subdue Escaped Metahuman Patients (0/20)
"Luthor here. Naturally, The Daily Planet got wind of this little... misunderstanding. We need to block all communications in or out. Take out any patients attacking the jamming devices on the hospital roof. "Freedom of the press" only goes so far." — Lex Luthor

Upon completion, A Clean Cover-Up is automatically started.


  • Cash: 62
  • Specimen Relocation Sash

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