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Horrific Visage is a Mental power that becomes available at Level 18.

A target being twisted by Horrific Visage.


Disturb your target at its very core, damaging it and twisting it into a monster that cannot defend itself.
Enemies that get near the target are stunned and can become twisted as well.

Power Interactions : Terrifies enemies, making them vulnerable to Terrified effects.

Control Role : Reduces the targets ability to heal.

PVP : Does not form change PVP opponents.
Stuns and grounds opponents.


Supercharge Generator
Controller Debuff
Cooldown: 6s
Power Cost: 200


Horrific Visage can be used to set up Mass Terror, Phantom Flames and Psychic Shock for additional damage.
In Control role, Horrific Visage reduces the target's ability to heal by 25%.

Base damage: 0.114 (estimated)

This means with 10,000 Might, on average it would hit 1140 damage, 380 per hit.


  • Horrific Visage briefly turns the target into a Vengeful Spirit that cannot attack, block, or use abilities, while wandering around aimlessly for a few seconds. If used against a Vengeful Spirit, they will not change in appearance although they are still disabled.