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A Holographic Decoy.

Holographic Decoy is a Gadgets power that becomes available at Level 30.


Trigger a holographic decoy to intercept some of your incoming damage and to taunt enemies. On initialization, the deployment surprises and stuns nearby enemies.

Power Interactions : Dazes enemies, making them vulnerable to dazing effects.


Cooldown: 30s
Power Cost: 100

Back Equipment Mods[]

Back Equipment Mods are available for this power:


Holographic Decoy can be used to set up EMP Pulse, Gauss Grenade, Neural Neutralizer, Paralyzing Dart, Sticky Bomb, Suppressor Turret, Taser Pull, Thermite Mine and Vortex Cannon for additional damage.
The Holographic Decoy lasts for 15 seconds.
Self-Destruct Signal can be used to explode the Holographic Decoy.

The Holographic Decoy can only appear on the ground, and would appear beneath you if you are high up in the air. It is normally immobile, but will teleport closer to you if you move too far away. It is considered a pet and you will be put in combat stance if it takes damage.