Dimming soul

A Lightkeeper dimming a player's soul.

Here for the Reaping is a level 29 mission started automatically upon the completion of Reaping Evil.
Reaper reaching out

A Reaper reaches out for a player...

Reaper weakened

...Big mistake.

Have Lightkeepers anoint you with Spectral Powers so you can weaken and defeat Soul-Punishing Reapers[sic]


  • With enough Spectral Power collected Lightkeeper Chandi Gupta is leading the assault on the Reapers. Speak with her to get your orders.
  • Speak with Lightkeepers in the area for Spectral Power. Dimming your soul is the only way to weaken the Reapers you come in contact with.
  • With Spectral Powers applied and your soul dimmed, confront the Reapers and banish them. (0/10)
"It's possible that Eclipso has somehow severed the Spectre from his human host. That would explain why he's unleashing judgement like this. I'm calling in Green Lantern and others as backup. Green Lantern has a... history with the Spectre." — Oracle

Upon completion, Spectral Embrace and a side mission, Lost and Found, would be automatically started.


  • Lightkeeper Lee, Lightkeeper Sireka and Lightkeeper Sireka could dim the player's soul. Lightkeeper Chandi Gupta cannot.
  • Watch out for The Judge. It could hit 500s from a distance.
  • Everything dimming of the soul counts as one charge, which could be spent to weaken one reaper so they may be fought. After that, the player must dim their souls again. Eliminating some of the surrounding Vengeful Spirits is a good idea to prevent getting thrown around too much. After being made attackable, they are fairly easy to defeat.


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