Heart and Soul is a mission unique to heroes that selected Wonder Woman as their Mentor at character creation. It begins in the Chinatown MPD, following the completion of the tutorial missions The Awakening and Save the World; Heart and Soul takes place in the Chinatown district of the city of Metropolis.

Background Edit

The servants of Felix Faust have begun attacking the citizens of Metropolis' Chinatown district, stealing souls and using them to power their magics. Normally such activity would be halted by Zatanna, of the Sentinels of Magic, but she is currently missing.

Summary Edit

"Discover where Faust and his Magents have imprisoned Zatanna."

Objectives Edit

  • Travel to Metropolis' Chinatown District
  • Listen to Freelance Mission Briefing
  • Find Lightkeeper Taleb
  • Knock Out Soulless Thralls (0/15)
  • Speak with Sentinel Oron
  • Knock out Soulless for Faustian Relics (0/20)
  • Use the Amulet on weakened Magents to take their memories, and ignore their idle threats (0/5)

Rewards Edit

Oracle: "Now we know why Magents sell Faust their souls and not their brains. Nice job knocking those memories loose."

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