Harvey Bullock is a good cop in the GCPD, who served alongside James Gordon, but willing to go outside of the system to get work done.


Considered a legendary "old school" cop amongst the major crime unit.

Having lost his job and friends, after completing a final case as a civilian where he went off on a binge and attacked the Penguin; incorrectly thinking he was responsible for a mass murder that had been haunting him for eight years.

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  • Detective Bullock instructs the player on the scene of a fear gas attack on the East End Free Clinic.
  • Detective Bullock is later assisted by the player in fighting off a giant plant monster in the Botanical Gardens.


  • Harvey Bullock first appeared in Detective Comics #441 (July, 1974).
  • Harvey Bullock is voiced by Edwin Neal.
  • Harvey had been in the force for twenty years before he had his badge taken for tipping off the mob to the location of James Gordon's shooter.


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