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 Harley Quinn is the final boss for heroes inside the Joker's Funhouse instance. Depending on if the she's met in the regular instance or the challenge one, her levels are 14 and 30 respectively.


  • Harley uses basic Two-Handed attacks.
  • Harley can fire several clown boxes that damage and ground players.
  • Harley uses Glove Punch - a power similar to Gag Glove; may knock down players.
  • Harley uses an un-interruptable version of Doom Spin after which she becomes dazed.
  • Harley uses an un-interruptable, continuous attack in which she slams her hammer down repeatedly after which she becomes dazed. (AoE Damage; may knock down enemies).
  • Harley may trap players in a green sphere.

Loot []

Tips []

  • When Harley is using her continuous (special) attacks she is invulnerable. The player should run away from until she becomes "dizzy".
  • When the player gets the message that Harley is "dizzy" (hammer spin) or smashed her toe (repeated hammer slam), the player gets a few free hits.
  • Some form of healing is crucial. A player can run back to where he fought Lefty and Righty (where you dropped down). Three Health Barrels (which respawn rapidly) are located there. Harley will follow you down.
  • Harley does not use her grounding attack when she is in either of her continuous (special) attack modes. For fliers, it is recommended they fly upwards the moment grounding effect wears off (dodging before that). This would actually make those periods completely safe. However, do not hover idle - while she is immune to damage at those times, attacking her from a distance is still a good idea as it helps build Supercharge.


  • "Freshly made knuckle sandwiches - come and get them!" (when using Glove Punch).
  • "Round and round she goes, where she stops, nobody knows!" (when using Doom Spin).
  • "If I have a hammer, I'd hammer in the morning, I'd hammer in the evening, all over your SKULL!" (when hammering down).