Young and impressionable, Dr. Harleen Quinzel was a psychiatrist assigned to Arkham Asylum. While attempting to heal the Joker’s mind, Quinzel found herself captivated and fell in love with him, proceeding to help him in his escapes from Arkham and assisting her puddin' as his henchwoman; Harley Quinn.

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In the alternate future Harley assisted The Joker during the climatic battle between the Justice League and the Society. She was killed after she used her body to shield The Joker from an explosion caused by a combination of Black Adam, The Flash, and Green Lantern's powers. She appears to have killed or assisted in killing Robin sometime prior to this, as she is seen wearing his tattered cape.

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  • Harley is a villain you face during a set of missions given by Commissioner Gordon, fought at the very end of Lunatic Fringe.
  • Robin is being held captive by Harley Quinn in a mission assigned by Batman to stop the Joker from taking over a boardwalk.
  • Harley is the final boss for heroes during Harley's Heist.
  • Harley Quinn is one of the final bosses for heroes during the Wayne Manor Gala.


  • Harley Quinn is a Vendor for the Tech Iconic Battle Suit: Joker's Punchline.
  • Harley has been captured by Robin and the GCPD in the Funhouse during the Amusement Mile mission thread. You must defeat Robin and free Harley to complete the mission.
  • Harley appears in the level 15 mission for Tech Villains where she helps cover The Joker's escape from Batman.
  • Harley is also seen in the level 30 Tech Villain mission where she and The Joker are hit with a modified form of Joker Toxin and needs to be rescued by the Player from Batman.

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  • Harley Quinn first appeared in Batman: The Animated Series, in the episode "Joker"s Favor", before being introduced into the main DC continuity.
  • Harley Quinn is voiced by Arleen Sorkin, who had originally voiced the character in Batman: The Animate Series.
  • Harley Quinn is very good friends with fellow Gotham villainess Poison Ivy and received a herbal remedy from her that increased her strength and agility as well as making her immune to Ivy's poisons.
  • Despite having a comical personality, Harley Quinn has the stance of a flirty female character.
  • Part of Harley's psychosis is that she sees violence as it is depicted in comedy cartoons, as such she doesn't see the blood or traumatic injuries that her "pranks" inflict. Instead they are visually translated into cartoonish images that only she can see.
  • Harley has two hyenas that she keeps as pets; Bud and Lou (named after the comedic duo Bud Abbott and Lou Costello). Originally the Joker's pets, the villain never really cared for the two and they were quickly adopted by Harley.
  • After discovering her existence during a conversation with ex-Suicide Squad member Jewelee, Harley occasionally makes prank calls to Oracle late at night.
  • Harley is openly bisexual and a swinger. A proponent of free-love, sexual experimentation, sexual play and casual liaisons, Harley has no qualms with engaging in sexual relationships with men or women for fun but will not engage in such activities if she feels a relationship will be destroyed by it. In addition to the Joker, one of her more notable lovers is her close friend, Poison Ivy, with whom she shares an open sexual relationship/friends-with-benefits arrangement.


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