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The Hall of Justice is a location in the Watchtower.

It is enclosed meeting room in the Main Wing, overlooking the Monitor Womb, where Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman co-ordinate the League. Only official Justice League of America members can enter the enclosed hall - player must have at least started The Justice League before they could enter through a teleporter.

Locations and Inhabitants[]




  • While initially allowed access to start their final level 30 mentor quests, now players can only access the Hall of Justice enclosure after completing their final mentor quest and gaining Justice League of America membership.
  • Since the release of The Death of Superman, Superman in the Hall of Justice is replaced with a crystal memorial in the shape of his S-shield. Interacting with it would cause your character to perform the Salute Emote and a pop up would say "This memorial is in honor of Earth's Greatest Defender and his sacrifice.". The Justice League must be completed to interact with it, the same requirement that applies to talking to Superman previously. The developers have said Superman would return, although also joking the addition of the Green Kryptonite Shards Accessory would not be good for him.