Greed is a level 17 mission started automatically once the player talks to Cyborg for Five Deadly Sins.

Cash bag

Grab the cash!

Defeat Greed Demons and recover the money they've stolen.


"You will need all your courage for this fight. Cyborg, and the other Titans, have already faced Trigon once. Now Trigon's power rises with each citizen corrupted by his Sin Demons. We must save these people and weaken Trigon's power!" — Wonder Woman
  • Go to Midtown Metropolis
  • Defeat Greed Demons (0/20) (812 xp)
  • Retrieve Stolen Cash from Possessed Citizens affected by Greed Demons (0/10) (818 xp)
  • Recover Stolen Money Bags (0/10) (812 xp)
"I'm triangulating the source of all of these demons. Trigon's daughter Raven is pride, so you won't be seeing that sin... Unless Trigon possesses her again." — Oracle

Upon completion, Gluttony is started.



  • Cash: $80
  • Selectable Weapon

Selectable RewardEdit

Weapon Type Name Style
Bow Secret-Bearer's Longbow Necromancer's Bow
Brawling Fists of Might Spiked Fist
Dual Pistol Amaranthine-Plated Pistols Plasma Pistol
Dual Wield All-Seeing Eye Axes Eye Axe
Hand Blaster Justicebringer's Blaster Gloves Magical Blast Foci
Martial Arts Righteous Claws Twinscythe Katar
One-Handed Hellscar Blade Native American Axe
Rifle Hellbound Rifle Biomech
Shield Hellscar Shield Crusader
Staff Reaper's Scythe Reaper Scythe
Two-Handed Sinfeller's Axe Necro Axe
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